How To Effectively Recycle Scrap Metal In Your Home

Aluminum Can Scrap

What is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is usually defined as being a material that is at least 50% metal, even if it is surrounded by other materials such as plastic. One piece of advice is to remove metal parts from materials that are mostly non metal. This includes things such as staplers, binders, and old desks. Additionally, scrap metal is broken down into either being ferrous or nonferrous. Ferrous metal is one that contains iron while nonferrous is all other metal. It is important that we all know what scrap metal is and how it is classified, before taking any steps to recycle it.

Where to Find Scrap Metal?

Many people believe that scrap metal comes from complex and expensive items such as cars and planes. However, scrap metal can also come from common household items like lamps, faucets, pots, pans, and cans. These metals can be found in places such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Another place where one can find scrap metal is the lawn. With all the equipment one uses for maintenance of the lawn, you can recycle the metal as it ages. Additionally, these types of equipment are especially useful because of the advanced technology engineered into them. Plumbing equipment as well as pipes are valuable pieces of scrap metal that can be exchanged with scrap collecting companies. If you keep at, you are guaranteed to obtain some sort of scrap metal.

Why Make the Effort?

The primary reason we all should care about recycling scrap metal is the environment. In addition to recycling our resources, we can reduce the amount of emissions that are produced. Statistical analysis from the EPA shows that the amount of emissions reduced can be the equivalent of millions of cars. As if this wasn’t a convincing enough reason, one can also consider the monetary reward involved, especially once the metal pieces become more valuable.

Deliver Your Scrap Metal

There are many scrap metal collectors and buyers who can either purchase your material or direct you to the right person. Some companies can only purchase a specific type of metal while others purchase all types. Although this industry wasn’t always widely used by the public, the increase in emphasis on such conservation has led to growth in public awareness. Regardless of the required energy and effort, we all, as citizens of this planet, should fulfill our obligation of conserving and recycling resources.

How to Prevent Scrap Metal Theft

Scrap Metal theft has become a major problem in the industry as metal has become a more valuable commodity. Theft events have led to a new institution known as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), which monitors the tracking of sold and stolen metals. Through continued reporting by the public and citizens themselves, ISRI can reduce the amount of scrap metal robberies taking place.

Recycling scrap metal is an integral part of conserving our resources and creating new items out of older ones. Here at Klein’s Recycling, we keep this tradition alive by buying scrap metal and recycling it to innovate and create new objects. Our service is dedicated to providing the best recycling service possible.