The Beginner’s Guide To Scrapping

Metal Scrapping for Recycling

Find Scrap Anywhere

Scrap is everywhere, all around you and can be sold for profit.  It’s simply metal people want to throw away but much of the time, don’t for whatever reason.  You can easily take this scrap off of peoples’ hands or even from your own house and sell it to scrap yards earning anywhere from $.10 to $2/pound.

There are many easy places to find scrap.  One such place is around your house: that old grill, lawnmower or out of date lawn furniture all contain metal that can be scrapped for profit.  Even A/C units can be scrapped. Finding scrap at your friends’ or family’s house is another great place to find scrap.    

Another place is online.  Both Facebook and Craigslist’s marketplace are filled with people giving things away for free which contain scrap metal.  Simply collect these free items and bring them to our scrap yard at Klein Recycling.  Once you know where to look, you’ll be able to spot scrap all over.  The next step is to collect scrap and ensure you are getting the best possible price.    

How To Get The Best Price

Most people just bring scrap to the scrap yard and get whatever price they can.  These people will get low prices for their scrap, mainly because they do not separate their metals and do not bargain for prices.  There are a few things you can do to make sure that you get top dollar for your scrap. 

Firstly, different metals are sold at different prices.  You’ll get paid more for non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, and aluminum than for ferrous metals like steel and iron.  When scrapping, make sure to sort your metals by putting them into different labeled containers. Then, at the scrapyard, you’ll get the price for a specific metal instead of the lowest price for all your metals combined.

Some scrappers wait until metal prices increase before selling their scrap.  The value of metal consistently fluctuates due to different variables such as import prices, export prices, and availability.  Waiting for the price to increase means you’ll reap more profits for your metals but if you wait too long, you risk more damage or grime to the metal.  Scrapyard owners price scrap metal partly on the quality of goods so its best to sell your scrap before it gets damaged over time. You can wait for prices to increase if metal prices are particularly low just don’t wait too long.     

Use A Magnet

Magnets help you identify and assess the value of a piece of metal and will be your best friend when scrapping.  It is key in distinguishing between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, which will help you sort your metals.  If the magnet sticks to the metal, then what you have is a ferrous metal that contains metal like steel and iron but if the magnet doesn’t stick, then you have a non-ferrous metal, which has more monetary value.  A lot of scrappers focus on non-ferrous metals due to the large difference in price value and this difference is because non-ferrous metals are harder to find, weigh less, and have a greater resistance to corrosion.  Non-ferrous metals get you anywhere from $.30/pound to $2.00/pound while ferrous metals normally get to you around $.10/pound. Always have a magnet on hand to help identify and sort your metals. 

Scrapping Safety Guidelines

Scrap metal injuries may occur due to jagged edges and can cut your skin.  Make sure to expose as little skin as possible while scrapping. Use gloves, wear quality boots, and wear puncture-resistant long-sleeves and pants.  You’ll also want to protect your eyes and head while scrapping, do this by wearing a goggle and a helmet. Scrapping becomes dangerous when you don’t protect yourself from rusted, protruding metal.

You’ll also want to have a first aid kit nearby because let’s face it, accidents happen.  In the kit, keep the usual band-aids and bandages, tweezers for picking out splinters, topical antibiotic cream for wounds, a bottle of water, anti-allergy medicine, and pain relievers.  Make sure to never rush while scrapping, moving slowly as to not accidentally grab a sharp edge. If you wear the right clothes and move carefully, you should be able to avoid injury. Scrapping is an accessible side job, where you can earn a few extra hundred dollars per month.  We, at Klein Recycling, are a local scrap yard and we’d be happy to purchase your scrap.  Give us a call today!